Our Winners

Inspired by a need and acting on it - our classes of entrepreneurial grant award recipients have designed amazingly unique products that nurture the relationship between parent and child. We asked these creative moms to tell us what inspired their innovation and what the future has in store for their ideas. Now you can dive into the fascinating world of entrepreneurship and see how moms like you are striving to make parenting easier around the world.

2013 Winners

Alicia Overby :: Baby Elephant™ Ears

Alicia Overby

Baby Elephant™ Ears

Chiropractor-inspired and mom-designed, Baby Elephant™ Ears can go wherever baby goes! They work in the stroller, swing, changing table, bounce chair, or anywhere you see that your baby needs extra support. Baby Elephant™ Ears are machine washable and have no straps or snaps. Just place them behind your infant's head and adjust the Baby Elephant™ Ear lobes to be under the baby's chin and you're all set!

Amy Oh :: Grapple®

Amy Oh


The Grapple® multi-toy tether is designed for parents who are tired of chasing toys that have been dropped (or thrown) to the ground. Its innovative design suctions to any smooth surface and holds up to three of your baby’s favorite toys. The Grapple® is safe, easy to use, easy to clean and will save you time and energy while keeping your baby giggling with delight.

Annette Atteridge :: buggyguard®

Annette Atteridge


The buggyguard® was engineered for on-the-go parents to lock their strollers to a stationary object or simply to itself by locking the wheels in place. Each buggyguard® features a universal attachment, push-button retraction, a four and a half foot stainless steel cable, and a 3-digit resettable combination. The buggyguard® was invented so parents can have peace of mind and focus on what matters most, their kids!

Abraxas Pickens :: The Highchair Organizer

Abraxas Pickens

The Highchair Organizer

The Highchair Organizer was developed to prevent parents from leaving their babies unattended in the highchair while they retrieved a mealtime item. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, highchair accidents involving children under the age of 5 result in over 10,000 injuries each year. The Highchair Organizer stores everything parents need to feed baby at mealtime so baby never has to be left unattended while parents retrieve a mealtime related item.

Barbara Schantz :: Baby Dipper® bowl set

Barbara Schantz

Baby Dipper® bowl set

The Baby Dipper® bowl means true one-handed feeding for parents feeding infants and also for toddlers learning to feed themselves. The unique combination of features found in the patented Baby Dipper® bowl includes a triangular shape, a non-slip base, transparent sides, and a contoured interior that leads to a spoon-shaped corner for collecting the food.

Greg O’Sullivan :: Kidswitch™

Greg O’Sullivan


Kidswitch™ allows toddlers to operate light switches that are out of reach but not out of their realm of ability. By allowing toddlers to reach their light switches it provides valuable independence for both the toddler and parents. They learn how to turn a light off, which leads them down a path of living with "green" energy saving habits, instilled and engraved early on.

Julie Thompson :: Pully Palz™

Julie Thompson

Pully Palz™

This innovative toy entertains baby and keeps a pacifier in view and reach! With the help of PullyPalz™, dropped pacis actually come back... which is great for parents who need an extra hand! The toy uses something similar to a pulley system... when baby drops one paci, and it falls to the side, another is in view and reach. It also holds compatible toys and teethers!

Lisa Youngelson :: Zippyz™

Lisa Youngelson


Zippyz™ by Little Trendyz are patented footed pajamas with a zipper from the foot to the belly for quick and easy diaper changes without exposing baby’s chest, keeping baby covered and warm. It allows caretakers to change their baby’s diaper quick and easy without having to expose their tiny bodies during the process. Zippyz™ are warm and comfortable for babies AND quick and easy for adults.

Mandy Braselton :: Kanga Boo®

Mandy Braselton

Kanga Boo®

The Kanga Boo® is a shopping cart support belt for infants and toddlers. Unlike shopping cart covers, the Kanga Boo® fits around the child and keeps them upright and stable. Little ones love sitting upright during shopping trips and moms love how easy and quick the Kanga Boo® is to use. The Kanga Boo® fits under the seat belt giving an added layer of security.

Mary Malone :: The StrollAway

Mary Malone

The StrollAway

The StrollAway is the first and only over the door stroller storage hanger. Made of steel, the StrollAway hangs easily over the door, no installation required. The StrollAway has adjustable arms, and will hold most any stroller model up to 40 lbs. Perfect for families in smaller spaces, the StrollAway gets the stroller off the floor and out of the way.

2012 Winners

Erin Kelly :: Happy Changer™

Erin Kelly

Happy Changer™

Don't let the frustration of changing a wiggly baby slow you down. The Happy Changer is designed to take the stress and struggle out of diaper changing. The Happy Changer is a soft fabric vest that secures to any contoured changing pad and gently prevents a baby from rolling or scooting during diaper changes.

Jonelle Krier :: Assessables

Jonelle Krier


When babies are discharged from the hospital, parents are instructed to air-dry the umbilical cord. Yet, newborn clothing completely covers, even restricts the area. Assessables is an innovative bodysuit for today’s newborn that features umbilical exposure for natural, air-drying of the cord while keeping the rest of baby covered.

Susanne Budofsky / Robyn Spitzer :: Hold-On Handles®

Susanne Budofsky / Robyn Spitzer

Hold-On Handles®

The simple fact is, parents with multiple children are often limited by products designed for one child. Hold-On Handles is the stylish stroller accessory and reinvented walking rope to help moms keep 1-3 children (18+ months) within arm’s reach when out and about. It snaps easily onto strollers or can be worn on a parent’s wrist or belt loop.

Michele Naftal / Michelle Isrow :: Undercover Tape™

Michele Naftal / Michelle Isrow

Undercover Tape™

Children's clothing and costumes can irritate their skin. After trying to find a product that could cover up bothersome areas, Undercover Tape™ was developed to "ditch the itch." It is a hypo-allergenic, latex free adhesive fabric tape that covers tags, labels, sequins and irritating seams inside your children clothing or directly on skin.

Kerry Mazzacano :: Tuckaroo® Bibs

Kerry Mazzacano

Tuckaroo® Bibs

It's a known fact, babies are messy eaters. To help prevent stained collars comes the Tuckaroo® Bib. The first and only bib to provide advanced collar protection by featuring an inner flap - known as the Roo. The Roo tucks inside baby's shirt, completely encasing the collar, and protecting it from stains and wetness.

Alma Moussa / Romeda Arsanjani :: Babee Covee™

Alma Moussa / Romeda Arsanjani

Babee Covee™

Often you leave the house feeling like you brought it with you. Simplfy with the Babee Covee™, every mother's savior! It is the first baby blanket cover that converts into six uses, eliminating the need to buy bulky single purpose items. It saves space, time, money and is perfect for germ conscious parents and caretakers.

Natalia Ortiz :: Wall Bumpi™

Natalia Ortiz

Wall Bumpi™

Moving from a crib to a bed can be a scary transition for children. With its soft bed rail bumper, The Wall Bumpi helps children feel safe and comfortable. It can be used as a side rail, end of the bed rail or against hard cold walls to eliminate gaps created by large bed frames, to provide toddlers with a similar cozy environment like their crib.

Lisa Cash :: SnuggWugg™

Lisa Cash


Parents face the squirmy-baby-changing-table dilemma all the time. The revolutionary SnuggWugg™ is the fastest, most portable, solution. Quickly and gently place the SnuggWugg™ over your baby’s midsection for a plush snug fit and turn diaper changing into an interactive experience by fusing fun and functionality.

Lily Winnail :: Padalily®

Lily Winnail


Carry your bundle of joy in comfort and style. The Padalily® is the first of its kind and U.S Patented! This plush and stylish cushion wraps around the handle of the car seat making it comfortable and easy to carry. The stylish fabrics and exclusive trims make the Padalily® a functional fashion statement - and it's reversible.

Susanna Lee :: Aqueduck®

Susanna Lee


Building hygiene and confidence is an important part of a child’s growth. The Aqueduck® extends the faucet so it is more accessible to children. It encourages children to wash their hands by themselves and feel independent. It is portable, easy and fun to use. No BPA, PVC or phthalates and the Aqueduck® fits most bathroom faucets.

Traci Petty ::  Lil' Hot Heads

Traci Petty

Lil' Hot Heads

When your child is sick you want nothing more than to comfort them. Lil’ Hot Heads is a soft, colorful, washable headband that comes with two reusable icepacks that are filled with safe purified water. Each icepack provides over an hour’s worth of cooling comfort to keep your child as comfortable as possible while waiting out the fever.

2011 Winners

Romy Taormina :: PsiBands

Romy Taormina


Many women battling nausea during pregnancy are desperate to find drug-free relief for their ongoing queasiness. Stylish Psi Bands are FDA-cleared acupressure wristbands for the relief of nausea due to morning sickness (pregnancy), motion sickness/travel, anesthesia and chemotherapy.

Charlena Smith :: Intone

Charlena Smith


A baby’s cries are a language of their own. For new parents, babysitters or daycare teachers, trying to decipher what an infant wants is simply a matter of trial and error. The Intone helps shorten that learning curve by translating a baby’s cries and helping parents or caregivers log sleeping, feeding and changing patterns.

Lauren Levy :: Magnificent Baby

Lauren Levy

Magnificent Baby

Magnificent Baby’s mission is to make parents’ and their little ones’ lives easier with Smart Close™ Magnetic-Fastening Infant & Toddler wear. Smart Close for Smart People.

Katrena Shirley :: Dreemie Preemie

Katrena Shirley

Dreemie Preemie

Baby books are an age-old way to record a child’s milestones. But what if baby’s first milestones include moving from a feeding tube to a bottle? Dreemie Preemie baby book pages mark the medical and developmental changes that are unique to premature infants and babies needing special care at birth.

Laura Pilcher :: Colic Cradler

Laura Pilcher

Colic Cradler

Comforting a colicky baby sometimes just takes the right soothing touch. The Colic Cradler mimics abdominal pressure on an infant’s stomach to help relieve distress from colic, giving parents a hands-free way to comfort their child.

Becky Rasmussen :: MyBirthClass

Becky Rasmussen


A majority of expectant parents may never get to a childbirth class because of busy schedules or prohibitive fees. MyBirthClass DVDs give busy parents expert, comprehensive and convenient childbirth education at an affordable price.

Stacy Harfert :: Bobee

Stacy Harfert


Nothing slows down a diaper change quite like searching for a clean diaper or struggling with a pack of wipes. The wall-mounted Bobee™ Diaper and Wipe Dispenser keeps diapers and wipes in one convenient place, away from curious little hands and off the changing table’s limited surface.

Kristi Gorinas :: DadPack

Kristi Gorinas


A diaper bag is akin to a parent’s traveling all-in-one toolbox, though it’s typically only designed with moms in mind. The rugged, leather-look DadPack, equipped with an EZ-wipe system, gives fathers a diaper bag to call their own.

Suzanne Hansen :: Plan2Sleep

Suzanne Hansen


Many new parents come to the tiring realization that their baby just doesn’t “sleep like a baby.” The Plan2Sleep Baby Sleep Coaching Program wants to help, with personalized online sleep coaching programs that support a range of parenting philosophies and respond to the individual needs of tired families.

2010 Winners

 Allyson Phillips :: TILTY Cup

Allyson Phillips


Creating a successful experience with the first step towards independent feeding, the TILTY Cup is a spill-proof training cup with an internal angled wall that allows children to drink without tipping the cup past half way, making the transition from a bottle easier and the transition to a regular cup a success.

Amy Baxter :: Buzzy Pain Relief

Amy Baxter

Buzzy Pain Relief

Dr. Amy Baxter started MMJ Labs to help parents reduce their kids' pain. Buzzy is a small plastic bee that uses cooling and vibration to block sharp pain from shots or stings, and Bee-Stractor cards pull attention away from pain to clever designs with questions.

Amy Hilbrich Davis :: Balance MAP

Amy Hilbrich Davis

Balance MAP

An online tool that creates individualized action plans to guide mothers towards achieving greater balance, success, and happiness.

Déa Viola :: The Mama Taco Towel™

Déa Viola

The Mama Taco Towel™

Designed to aid parents and caregivers with bath time, The Baby Flamingo Co.'s The Mama Taco Towel™ and Lettuce Wash Your Fingers and Tomatoes Washcloth and Sponge Set™ uses a unique hands-free design, so you can focus on keeping your children clean and safe.

Joan Henehan :: QuickZip! Crib Sheet

Joan Henehan

QuickZip! Crib Sheet

Simplifying how parents change crib sheets, Clouds and Stars, Inc.'s QuickZip! Crib Sheet uses a two-piece sheet design to remove the hassle of having to lift up the entire mattress.

Leslie Espowe :: The Water Wrap

Leslie Espowe

The Water Wrap

Providing the hands-free convenience of a wrap carrier for the shower and pool, The Water Wrap uses a mesh material to help you hold your little one securely in any environment.

Linda Varga :: ezShade

Linda Varga


A UPF 50+ portable curtain that instantly attaches to any umbrella or canopy, ezShade helps you keep the shade just where you want it to protect your little ones.

Lynette Mattke :: PicPocket Books

Lynette Mattke

PicPocket Books

Using portable devices like iPhones to lessen your load when taking your children out, PicPocket Books uses the iTunes platform to help parents on the go bring books without all the weight.

Michelle Staley :: Busy

Michelle Staley


Providing an organized system for parents with children on oxygen, Busy Breathers LLC's Busy Breather Backpack makes packing for everyday outings simple and hassle-free.

Monica Jones :: BUNCHEES

Monica Jones


Solving the everyday messes of bottle-feeding, Ritzy Bitzy Designs' BUNCHEES Baby Bottle Bibs absorb the unexpected drips that come from leaky bottles and user error.

Robin Ramirez :: SoothEaze Blanket

Robin Ramirez

SoothEaze Blanket

Created to mimic the familiar surrounding of the womb, SoothEaze Blanket combines a swaddling blanket with the sounds of the womb to help infants sleep.

Sandra Frawley :: BabyBindle

Sandra Frawley


Adding convenience to running errands, BabyBindle lessens the load moms and dads have to carry when making short trips throughout the day by attaching to car seats and strollers.