Allyson Phillips

Tilty Cup

Allyson Phillips, TILTY Cup creator and MomInspired™ Grant Recipient

What inspired your Huggies® MomInspired™ award-winning design?

I was watching my 9-month-old daughter, Kiley, attempt to drink her juice out of a traditional sippy cup, when she fell backwards. The cup design forced her to use the "eyes-in-sky, chug-a-lug" position. Seeing this design flaw in every sippy cup, I decided to make one that used an internally slanted wall, eliminating the need for such an extreme head tilt and actually mimicked how you and I use a regular cup.

Has your design been successful and what are your plans for the future?

We began production 18 months ago and it appears to be a hit with moms. So far we've shipped nearly 70,000 cups around the country, and demand keeps growing. In the near future, we would like to improve the design based on feedback we've received from moms. Later we plan on expanding distribution to large retailers and offering TILTY Cups internationally.